Sunday, November 19, 2023

'Unicorn: A Love Story' is Now Available for Pre-order

Great news. My new novel, Unicorn: A Love Story, is available for pre-order. The book is launching on December 5, 2023, but if you pre-order it you can get it right away on launch day.

What's the story about? A love triangle unlike any other! Pre-order your copy today!


The story focuses on three people and the love affair that happens between them. Edmund, the son of wealthy New York businessman, his wife Zoe, and a 19-year-old girl named Karina whom Edmund brings home to satisfy his wife’s request to explore a different kind of relationship. When Edmund tells his friend Jeff about it, Jeff says that Edmund has found a unicorn – a bisexual girl who wishes to have a sexual relationship with a man and a woman. Karina lays out the “rules” of the relationship that she expects Edmund and Zoe to follow. “First rule – there are no strings. I am here to please you both but not to love either of you. Rule number two – I don’t play favorites. I’m not going to become your mistress or Zoe’s bestie. Rule three – when I want out, I’m out, and you won’t see me ever again after that. Final rule – until then I sleep exclusively with the two of you and no one else.” Complications arise when both Zoe and Edmund don’t follow the rules.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Book Review: ‘Enimnori: Arrival’ – ‘Game of Thrones’ Meets ‘Back to the Future’


If you miss watching Game of Thrones and love the Back to the Future movies, writer Jeff Webber’s Enimnori: Arrival has the book for you. This is a highly imaginative, intriguing, and enjoyable adventure that will keep you entertained and leave you wanting more.

Time Jump

Scott Hathaway is a regular everyday dad in the present. He has a loving wife Lisa with whom he has two kids, Danny and Gwen. He has some knowledge of martial arts and enthusiastically participates in SNARK (a knighthood roleplay group). During his work as an electrical engineer dealing with a high voltage facility, Scott gets zapped by lightning that somehow transports him through time and space to a planet that is currently in the Middle Ages.

Knights and Wizards

Brandon, a young fledgling magician who has inadvertently has brought Scott into his time. Brandon brings him to his mentor Morgan, an old wizard who at first is leery of Scott’s story of his future time on another world, but he gradually sees that Scott holds knowledge that can assist them in their battle against the evil Baron Harkness, whose superior forces threaten to overwhelm and destroy the city and citizens of Enimnori.

Battling Evil

Scott, eager to assist them because he knows the depth of evil that can happen from history back on his world, begins helping them craft weapons using a formula for gunpowder. There is much humor in Scott’s reactions to the primitive ways of their society, but equally amusing is the way Brandon and Morgan look at Scott and elements from his world like his cellphone.

Author Jeff Webber

The author knows his subject matter and relates scenes – sometimes graphic in nature – of battles that are detailed and amazingly realized.  There are enough knights, exotic creatures, use of magic, and cultural surprises for readers of fantasy to revel in, while Scott’s time travel and hope to find a way to get back home should satisfy science fiction fans. Scott is a great protagonist, and one – along with his knew medieval friends – you will be rooting for all the way.

The Verdict

Enimnori: Arrival is a deftly told tale that you won’t want to see end; however, I am happy to report that this is the first book of a series that includes two more books. I am looking forward to reading them, and after you read the first book you will want to read them as well. Highly recommended for fantasy and science fiction readers and all those who love a well told tale.



Saturday, November 4, 2023

“Now and Then” – Gives Us a Beatles’ Reunion We Never Expected



Having been in a generation that grew with the Beatles, I was one of millions of fans who dreamt of a reunion after the band broke up in 1970. 53 years later – and after the deaths of John Lennon in 1980 and George Harrison in 2001 – thoughts of a reunion had long faded. The lovely song “Now and Then” gives us a Beatles’ reunion we never expected.

Disney+ Short Film

To understand how this all came to be, fans should check out the short documentary Now and Then – The Last Beatles Song on Disney+ to witness the 28 year process that slowly unfolded in order for us to get the song we can listen to and appreciate now.

John Recorded the Song at Home

It all started with John recording the song in his home in the Dakota Building in New York City sometime during the 1970s. Listening to his vocal is reminiscent of some of the earlier Beatles’ songs like “If I Fell” and “I Call Your Name” where his youthful exuberance could be clearly heard. That is the intriguing charm of the track, making us unconsciously feel that he is young and alive and well somewhere recording new tunes.

A True Beatles’ Song

Don’t think this comes from some kind of AI trickery – this is the real John Lennon singing along with his three mates. Yes, technology is used here as is detailed in the short film on Disney+, but all four of the Beatles are present during this new song  that's unmistakably George playing the guitar, Ringo banging on those drums, and Paul playing the bass. There is also some of the great Beatles' melodic harmony on the track. It is truly the last time that Beatles will ever make new music together.

Yoko Ono gave the tape to the three surviving Beatles in 1995. They tried to use the tape to make a record then, but the technology was not sophisticated enough, especially in trying to isolate John’s vocal that was being overtaken by the piano he was playing. George’s guitar was recorded along with the other’s instruments, but they deemed the song not fit for release at the time, and it was shelved.

Lord of the Song

Along comes Peter Jackson, the great director of The Lord of the Rings films and the 2021 film Get Back in which he used current technology to improve old video clips of the band creating the album of the same name. Jackson found a way to separate the vocal that is pure and clear and sounds like John recorded it last week. This allowed Paul and Ringo to come in, play their instruments, lend their vocals, and we have this new song that sent chills down my spine because it was an old song that felt so new.

Reactions to the Song

When John sings “Now and then, I miss you,” it is hard not to get misty because the clear truth is that is how we collectively feel about John Lennon. The song has a feel of the Beatles’ mop top period; there is a sense that we have captured yesterday – oh, how we long for yesterday.

I have heard some negative comments about the song, but I have nothing but praise for it. One of my friends said something like, “Well, it’s not as good as the later songs.” Since I didn’t want to get into it, I just ignored him, but the truth is that many of their earlier tunes were not as strong as their later work; however, there is no ignoring the whimsy and joy that the older songs like “She Loves You,” “Help,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and “A Hard Day’s Night” bring upon hearing them again.

The Verdict

“Now and Then” is symbolically connected to its B side “Love Me Do,” which was the Beatles’ first single. And in the end, the music is pure Beatles and seemingly heaven sent. I’m certain John and George are looking down on their friends with smiles on their faces. It is a little gem of a song – an early Christmas present if you will – and I have listened to it many times and, like all the Beatles’ songs that I love, I never get tired of hearing it.    

Please check out the trailer and official video below!

Friday, October 20, 2023

Halloween 2023 – Behemoth Balloon Decorations Rule the Halloween Scene


This Halloween month – and yes October is now Halloween month – I have seen some enormous, sometimes inflated decorations that are scary but far from delightful. These behemoth balloon decorations rule the Halloween scene and are pumped to the maximum PSI that they can take before exploding.  

Inflated monsters run all day long!

Over the last few years these inflatable objects have taken over much to my chagrin. The motors that are required to keep these things inflated are noisy, so if your neighbors are employing them you have to hope that they get shut off before bedtime. Unfortunately, some people keep those motors running all day long in order to keep these ghastly creatures afloat. 

Deflated decorations are unattractive.

Many people do shut these monstrosities off during the day, making lawns look like the repository of slain creatures. It also presents a problem for landscapers, whom I have seen trying to navigate lawns with their mowers and blowers. Overall, it is not an attractive sight to see these deflated decorations all over lawns in a neighborhood.

Keeping it simple on my lawn.

About 20 years ago or so that Halloween went from a one and done day of celebration to this month-long extravaganza. In the past you would see jack-o-lanterns, a few ghosts, and maybe a witch or two. Those were simpler days when maybe a few houses had strings of orange or purple lights and illuminated window decorations. Lawns were still largely unscathed by decorations or if they had them there were a few simple items and nothing more.

As the years went by lawns started to become covered with decorations. It seemed like these people wanted to cover every inch of their property with ghastly ghouls and shrieking (sometimes literally) ghosts. Sometimes the grass becomes a graveyard, complete with headstones for all the assorted monsters from Dracula to the Creature from the Black Lagoon. All of this is probably stemming for a love of horror stories – which I do appreciate – or a desire to please their children with the most decorations in the neighborhood. It’s like everyone thinks they’re Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation decorating for Halloween.

Sweet dreams are not made of this.

I know I’m not going to stop anyone from using these infuriating inflatables, but I for one will stick with my traditional decorations. Here and there as I walk around town, I see a few like minded souls who share my feelings for simpler, quieter decorations. I’m appreciative of their decorum this season.   

Well, soon it will be all over – yet these gasbag loving lawn decorators will move gleefully into November, and inflatable turkeys and pilgrims will be all over lawns with those irritating motors humming all night long. 

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, there will be Christmas inflatables to deal with. I feel like Scrooge here, but when will this insanity end? Happy Halloween and Bah, humbug!

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Get the Ultimate Christmas Gift - Battle Ready Star Wars Lightsabers


Are you looking for a great Christmas gift? (I know it's early, but these babies will be sold out before Halloween). These battle ready lightsabers from Saber Masters are almost as powerful as the real deal. 

When you order these quality lightsabers, you can engage in heavy battles and not worry about them breaking like the cheap plastic ones you get in stores. These lightsabers feature a heavy metal hilt and a removable Polycarbonate blade. They look and sound like the ones you see in the films and on TV.

If you use my discount code you will get $10 off your order. Order today and get that gift that is going to blow your kids (and adults) away. 

Code: VICTOR01011

What comes in the box?

The lightsaber arrives fully armed and operational (though we wouldn’t recommend trying to blow up any planets with it).

Package includes:

1 x Aircraft Aluminium Metal Hilt

1 x Durable Polycarbonate Saber (Removable)

1 x USB Charging cord

1 x Ultimate Saber Wrap

1 x SaberMasters repair tool kit

Saturday, September 9, 2023

My Book 'The Stranger from the Sea' is Now Available as an Audiobook

My novel The Stranger from the Sea is now available as an audiobook. If you listen to the sample available, it sounds awesome. 

This audiobook is great for those readers who don't have time to read. You can listen to it while riding on the train, driving the car, taking a walk, or just relaxing in a chair. 

Please check it out!

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

My Book 'The Stranger from the Sea' In End of Summer Sale

My book 'The Stranger from the Sea' is in an End of Summer Sale (until 9/1/2023) and is available for 99 cents. Why not end your summer with something with an out of this world story?